We aim to exceed your


Xpatations is an independent intermediate servicing expats and internationals as a real estate agent to find and obtain the best suitable home for you in The Netherlands.

  • The company is situated in the centre of The Netherlands in the beautiful city of Rhenen.

    The housing market in The Netherlands is completely off balance and the demand is far higher than the supply, both in the rental as well as purchasing market. Dutch rules and regulations are difficult to understand and finding a place to live is already very difficult for people already living in The Netherlands, let alone to find housing for foreigners.

    Xpatations has a wide and specialised network and can be a valuable partner in finding and securing accommodation for you to live. Our services are not only available for expats from abroad, but naturally also for expats and internationals already living in The Netherlands. The tariffs we charge are moderate and crystal clear. Short-stay, long-stay, furnished or non-furnished, rental properties or purchasing a house. We check all the boxes!

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@xpatations.com with all your questions and requirements and we will come back to you within a short delay. We aim to exceed your Xpatations.