• 220901 Terms, Conditions, and Privacy information


    Please read these Terms, Conditions, and Privacy information carefully.

    When mentioned “client” such indicates to you, your employer or other that engages in cooperation with Xpatations for services to help with finding, ascertaining or other services directly or indirectly executed by Xpatations on behalf of the client.

    • Electronic Documents: Xpatations may ask you to sign documents. This also extends to electronically acceptance or by means of payment. Electronically signed contracts or documents signed and send by e-mail are binding. In case documents were not signed, payment of the subscription fee is recognized as acceptance of the rates, Terms, Conditions, and Privacy information.

    • Viewings: Viewings can be done by the client, Xpatations or together. In case Xpatations is involved in viewing this will be charged according to Xpatations rates. Viewing to be at times suitable for all parties involved.

    • Referencing: If you decide to rent or purchase a property through Intermediation of Xpatations, every person, who will be resident at the property, must present documentation such as copy of ID, work contracts, salary slips, chamber of commerce registration, or otherwise when necessary. An acceptable guarantor can be required in specific situations.

    • Approval on agreements: By signing Xpatations Intake form or by payment of Xpatations subscription fee the client agrees to deal through Xpatations and not independently direct with owners or their representatives of properties. The client will not negotiate directly with landlords, owners, or their representatives. The Xpatations subscription fee, commission or other charges will still be due should this be the case. By signing the Xpatations Intake form or by means of payment of Xpatations subscription fee, the client agrees to have received, read, understood, and fully accepts the Terms, Conditions, and Privacy information of Xpatations.

    • Rates: Xpatations helps in cooperation for the search and obtaining of apartments/houses for renting or purchasing. Where appropriate and reasonably possible Xpatations arranges viewings, gathers the necessary documents from the client and the second party involved. Passes on intention of interest, bids or otherwise to obtain the property. Negotiation by Xpatations always is done on the client’s behalf, and without any obligations for Xpatations itself. Such services are done on a commercial base for rates as supplied written or verbally and agreed upon by payment of the initial monthly subscription by the client.
      Xpatations will submit rates prior to the cooperation on request. Submittance of rates may be done by e-mail, by means of social media or verbally. By signing the Intake Form, or payment of the Xpatations subscription fee the rates considered known and to be accepted.
      Xpatations charges 21% VAT on every invoice, unless specifically declared otherwise.

    • Exclusions: Xpatations will never be held responsible for the content of rental, purchase or other contracts, outstanding debts, rents, deposit, down payments or otherwise. Neither Xpatations will be held responsible for any shortcomings in contracts or execution of their services. Nor for any defects, damages, insurance matters or otherwise regarding the properties either before or after a deal is made. In case contracts are read and commented on by Xpatations, such has been done as an extra service, but explicitly without any legal responsibility.

    • Signing agreements: Agreements can be signed by the client, owner or their representative digitally via email or otherwise when acceptable by all parties involved.

    • Contacts: The client agrees for Xpatations to take contact by post, e-mail, social-media, mobile phone or other means which normally are considered acceptable. This extents to information of all services offered by Xpatations during and after the subscription period.

    • Payment: Xpatations will invoice monthly for the subscription and for commission or other services supplied immediately once that assignment is fulfilled. Payment must be fully done within 7 days of date of invoice. Only when payment is executed for the correct amount and on time Xpatations is obliged supplying services. Delay in payment will not prolong the subscription period for which they were agreed.

    • Late payment: The client agrees that where any fee or commission remains outstanding for more than 7 days after the invoice date, Xpatations may charge interest at the annual rate of 2% above the Bank of Netherlands base rate unless otherwise agreed.

    • Retraction by client: In the situation the client is not satisfied with services rendered by Xpatations, retraction is possible under conditions. When retraction is within 24 hours after entering into the cooperation no costs will be charged. In case of retraction within the first week charges will be 250, and for every week or part of a week longer duration the charges will rice by 250 with a maximum of 1000 in case of rental services and 2500 in case of purchasing services.

    • Retraction by Xpatations: Xpatations remains the right to return a given assignment at any time without any responsibilities or claims of damages.

    • Data protection and Privacy policy: Xpatations will keep your personal information safe and secure by means of password security. Xpatations regularly makes backups of the personal data to be able to restore them in the event of physical or technical incidents. The client’s personal information is used for administrative purposes and only will be shared with others when such is necessary for the execution of services, or on legal instructions. Processing of your personal data by Xpatations is limited to those data that are necessary for the purposes for which they are provided, including extra services discussed at time of the initial cooperation or later in the working process. The basis for the personal data is issued by the client to Xpatations by filling in the Intake form and supplemented with information supplied by the client in contacts later. The client agrees that Xpatations can provide the data to third parties if this is necessary for the implementation of Xpatations services, or when such is mandatory.

    • Rights regarding your data: The client has the right to inspect, correct or have deleted personal data that Xpatations has received and processed. Such only as of that moment onwards, and not retroactive. The client can object to the processing of personal data (or part thereof) by written instruction. Otherwise, the client has given consent to Xpatations to process the client’s personal data based on client’s permission by acceptance of these terms or first payment of Xpatations fees.

    • Complaints: Please pass on complaints a.s.a.p. in writing and with request of confirmation of receipt by Xpatations. Xpatations has the right to accept or reject complaints. On request explanation can be given. Xpatations strives to settle every complaint in all honesty and in harmony. In cases such is not possible either mediation can be agreed upon or legal procedures can be in place always under Dutch law.

    • In case there are questions or comments regarding the above Terms, Conditions, and Privacy information, or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us!

      Rupert from Xpatations

      *Published 01-09-2022. Subject to future changes and valid from date provided.